Alan Waxman

Alan Waxman has worked on the design of public parks and campuses in New York City, Hangzhou, Xi’An, and Chengdu with NYC Parks, QRP design, Sorkin Studio, and SWA. His landscape renderings have appeared in the Architects Newspaper, ASLA the Dirt, Landscape Architecture Magazine, New York Magazine. AWED, Alan Waxman Ecosocial Design, ( creates ecosocial design for health equity and cultural resiliency in California, the Pacific Northwest, NYC, and Japan. The “Urban Rhythms” studios, conducted with the Mark Morris Dance Group, the Center for Court Innovation, and Storefront for Art and Architecture, assess urban patterns by way of participatory engagement. Based primarily in Brownsville Brooklyn, NYC, they create a behavior blockchain system for improved health outcomes in high risk groups. This has been written about in “Mapping Emotion to Improve Neighborhood Health” in New York Academy of Medicine, and “Behavior Blockchain For Healthy Cities” in the Journal of Urban Design and Public Health.