Barry Lewis

Bio: Barry Lewis is Director of UBU (Ubuhle Bakha Ubuhle / Beauty Builds Beauty), a company specifically focused on informality and the upgrade of informal settlements. Formally an architect from the U.K. Barry arrived in Cape Town in 2009 and worked for The Warehouse Trust (NGO) before founding UBU in 2012, specifically working in an informal community called Sweet Home Farm in Philippi. UBU currently plays the role of facilitator in the current City of Cape Town's UISP (Upgrade of Informal Settlements Program) project in the community. UBU believes that if there's going to be any meaningful transformation in the informal realm over the next 25 years then it will be because the people will do it themselves. This is why UBU has invested heavily in the development of the sandbag technology which utilises EcoBeams. Its a technology that enables people to build for themselves in an incremental way.