Lucy Brittain

Lucy is an architect and partner at the cooperative practice, Cullinan Studio, and has a special interest in the way the natural and built environment shapes us as individuals. Her Masters dissertation looked at how the positive effects of landscape can inform architecture to create therapeutic environments and enhance mental wellbeing. By understanding the cognitive and evolutionary principles of landscape preference, we can create restorative settings in buildings and the places in-between.

Lucy was project architect on the Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre in Newcastle, which used these ideas to create a place of calm and care for people affected by cancer. She is currently working with the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool on a new Community Cluster and inpatient mental health facility for young people, which brings together a range of clinical services in a therapeutic setting. Cullinan Studio are also working on the redevelopment of the surrounding park, creating a holistic healthy setting for the hospital and the surrounding community.

She has worked on a variety of projects, including a cold archive storage facility for the BFI Master Film collection, a library for Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge and a range of residential projects.