Michael Wilkinson

Michael is CEO and Founder of Inavya, which created AVATR - a CE Marked medical device that deploys AI to enable a person to create, own and share their digital profile to receive remote medical care. Michael leads a clinical demonstrator of AVATR in Singapore and a Newton Fund project in Brazil. He is an appointed innovation expert to Innovate UK, the UK Government, and the European Commission.

Michael earned a PhD from Warwick University Medical School, where he was Overseas Research Scholar and Research Fellow. At LSHTM he was Lecturer in Health Informatics, Founder of a Health Informatics Lab, and Scientific Adviser to the WHO. At NESTA he established FutureLab. Michael was previously Assistant Director of Strategy at Cabinet Office, where he led the Enabling a Digitally United Kingdom initiative and also wrote the business case for the NHS National Innovation Centre and subsequently led its development.