Peter Jorgensen

Peter Gram Jorgensen is a Senior Architect of C.F. Moller Architects - one of the longest established and most highly acclaimed architectural practices in Scandinavia. The harsh climatic conditions, high energy costs and low resources of Scandinavia have shaped our ethos so that environmental, economic and social sustainability is embedded in everything we do. This is reinforced by our local knowledge and expertise in delivering sustainable developments and communities in the UK.

Peter has worked for over 10 years on urban, public realm, residential projects in the UK & Scandinavia bringing fresh approaches to common project types. One of his most recent projects is the shortlisted competition proposal for the re-imagining of the Garden City, Letchworth. A proposal that intends to integrate a contemporary urban agriculture approach to the classical garden city principles, seeking to create a hybrid between an agricultural landscape and a housing development by integrating food growing into the design of the neighborhood.

Peter is passionate about the public domain, and the ability of architecture and our built environment to positively affect human behavior, the way people interact.