Rosalba D'Onofrio

Associate Professor in Urban Planning -“Eduardo Vittoria” School of Architecture and Design, University of Camerino. Member of the Italian National Urban Planning Institute (INU). In her professional and academic career, she has been involved in urban regeneration projects, landscape and environmental planning and design. She has participated in many researches in the field of environmental and landscape design: LIFE+ Natura “SUN LIFE”; FAR Research “Quality of the Landscape and Quality of Life in the Sustainable Adriatic City”; JPI Urban Europe 2016 "Smart-U- Green”. Her main publications in these research fields are: D’Onofrio R., Trusiani E. (2018), “Strategies and Actions to recover the Landscape after Flooding. The case of Vernazza in the Cinque Terre National Park (Italy)”, Sustainability 2018, 10, 742; Cocci Grifoni R. , D’Onofrio R., Sargolini M. (2017), “Quality of the Landscape/Quality of Life: In Search of a Decision-Support System for Orienting Urban Transformations”, Springer; R. D’ Onofrio (2012), “Form of the City, Urban Sustainability, and Landscape Quality”, in M. Sargolini, Urban Landscapes. Environmental Networks and Quality of Life, Springer; R. Cocci Grifoni, R. D’Onofrio, M. Sargolini (2012), “In search of new paradigms to interpret and design the contemporary city”, in Sustainable City: Urban Regeneration and Sustainability, v. 7 WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment 155, WIT Press. Her current research focuses on the relationship between urban planning, urban sustainability urban health and quality of life with some international publications: R. D’ Onofrio, E. Trusiani (2018), “Urban Planning for Healthy European Cities” ,Springer Brief ; Camaioni C.; D'Onofrio R.; Odoguardi, I.; Trusiani E. (2018), “Towards healthy urban design in a rationalist neighbourhood: a research methodology for the Monticelli quarter in Ascoli Piceno, Italy”,in WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment. Sustainable Development and Planning 2018;Volume 217,2018, Wit Press; Camaioni, C., D'onofrio, R. Pellegrino, P. Stimilli, F., Trusiani, E (2018), Health and urban planning. Attempts at disciplinary integration and innovation, AMPS Proceedings series 11, University of the West of England. Camaioni C. D’Onofrio R. Pierantoni I., Sargolini M. (2017), Therapeutic Parks in Natural Protected Areas in Umbria Region/Italy), Territorio n.82/2017. Rosalba is the principal investigator in the Research Program FAR 2018- University of Camerino, “Climate change and urban health resilience- CCUHRE”, and the LP of the “Joint_SECAP. Joint strategies for Climate Change Adaptation in coastal areas”, Interreg Italy-Croatia Program, 2014-2020.