Young Lee

Trained in interior architecture/engineering, sustainable building research, and workplace strategies for over two decades, Young’s focus in research and practice resides in health/wellbeing - enhanced workplaces and organizational outcomes, and indoor environmental quality and occupant experiences. As the creator of open source workplace analytics CAPTIW©: Workplace Innovation Performance and PROWELL©: Workplace Health & Wellbeing Performance, she has been pioneering evidence-based practice in workplace design and management. She has published numerous journal/ industry articles and presented at many international/national conferences including TEDx Talk (Disengage to Engage), NEOCON, Healthcare Design, OECD, and Forbes. Recently, she has published a book chapter on Workplace Health and Its Impact on Human Capital, summarizing her approach to workplace health and wellbeing. She currently serves on the advisory/editorial board of Active Design for Workplace Wellbeing, Leading for Wellbeing Consortium, and the Journal of Indoor and Built Environment, and is appointed as a US NIH Health in Building Roundtable Scholar.