London Sustainability Exchange

London Sustainability Exchange (LSx) is a “think and do” charity that creates collaborations that address the complex barriers to a sustainable London. Our projects provide action-based community development and research to develop, and in turn share, the lessons from our work across London, and, most importantly, influence London’s policies for a sustainable future.

Areas of expertise
Our energy, community energy and resilience programmes engage with communities to empower healthy and sustainable lifestyles, enabling this to be a social norm. These projects often involve identifying key individuals in a community, who, in turn, influence their friends and neighbours.

Our Green Enterprise programme flips the waste paradigm: working with community groups to recast waste as a valuable resource and bring the reuse market closer to a “tipping point”. Our aim is that communities have a “social norm” of re-use.

Our Air Quality programme brings awareness of the power of community action for change across London. We support communities and schools to establish the hard facts about air quality in their area and work through social networks to encourage shifts in travel behaviours. This programme has identified the need to use health and planning policy to tackle pollution and its effects.
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Nelly Defaut
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