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Healthy City Design 2021

11–14 October 2021
HCD 2021 Opening keynote plenary

Twelve years ago, the leaders of the world’s nations descended on Copenhagen for a key UN climate summit in the hope of securing a new worldwide agreement on addressing the growing threat of global warming.

HCD 2021 Closing keynote plenary

The health sector has already made substantial and positive contributions in addressing the climate crisis through greening hospitals and healthcare facilities, but too much of its work is still taking place in silos.

HCD 2021 Keynote plenary: social engagement

Often hailed as the “traffic-calming guru”, urban planner David Engwicht defines the role of transport as one of maximising trade: “The reason we invented cities is for exchange – goods, culture, friendships and knowledge – and to minimise travel.”

Pandemic preparedness

The opening plenary of Healthy City Design 2020 featured four illustrious speakers with expertise in planetary health, health and social inequalities, sustainable health systems, and home and town planning.

Planetary health

The revenge of the suburbs, solving the urban paradox, and taking control by getting up and doing things. These were just a handful of the many insights and paradigms on ‘designing a new world’ that the three eminent keynote speakers shared with delegates during the opening session of the second day of the 4th Healthy City Design Congress.

Closing keynote

Drawing out some of the big ideas and core themes explored during four days of talks and panel discussions at this year’s Healthy City Design Congress, the closing plenary session brought together five leading experts in the field to offer their insights on ‘the future healthy city’.

Pandemic preparedness

This session began with a theoretical commentary on the response to Covid-19 and its impact, followed by two papers exploring the experiences of communities in Asia.

Diversity, inclusion and equity

Organised by the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA), this session explored the case for ground-breaking legislation in the form of a ‘Healthy Homes Act’.

People at Work

Through interviews and expert panels, this session explores the relationship between food, stress and vibrant energy.

HCD 2021 The inclusive city

While official government rhetoric highlights health and wellbeing, ‘levelling up’ and tackling the climate/ecological emergency, the reality of action on the ground often tells a different story.

HCD 2021 Homes and neighbourhoods

The opening session on the second day of Healthy City Design brought together a stellar panel to discuss the planning system in England, which has seen the Government introduce a White Paper on proposed changes to update it for the challenges of the 21st century.

Healthy buildings

Maggie’s, in collaboration with SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange, are delighted to invite the healthcare and design community to join the live stream of the launch of the third edition of The Architecture of Hope in memory of Charles Jencks, as part of the celebration of Maggie’s 25th year.

Healthy City Design 2021
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