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StreetGym founder John Allison served with the British Army for 24 years. Military life, particularly when deployed abroad in remote and inhospitable locations, was all about improvisation and getting the job done. John spent many an hour on military assault courses throughout his career. The military assault course is designed to promote teamwork and problem-solving, as well as develop confidence.

StreetGym is John’s urban micro-adventure, also designed to promote an improvisational mindset, teamwork and confidence, as well as build resilience. It’s about showing people how to use what they already have around them – your street literally becomes your gym.

John spoke at the UK Design Council, Active by Design Summit in 2014, addressing leading architects, public health professionals and urban planners, where he outlined his aspiration to get more people moving in the urban environment. John is passionate about engagement in order to ensure that the urban environment actively promotes movement and wellbeing.

During a typical one-hour StreetGym session you’ll be running, jumping, balancing and crawling your way around the city. You’ll see the city through a very different lens and feel a deeper connection with the streets. Architectural features and street furniture become workstations where you’ll perform a variety of bodyweight-based exercises before jogging along to the next workstation. It’s an improvised urban trim trail.

Increasingly, we’re losing our situational and environmental awareness. Walk along any high street and you’ll see people glued to their smartphones, oblivious to the world around them and the huge potential that lies beneath their feet. StreetGym aims to address that too.
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John Allison
Head Coach - StreetGym
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Motion to Mind, 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE, UK