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John Allison is the founder of urban training brand StreetGym® and holistic wellbeing service Motion to Mind™. John has been working as a wellbeing consultant for the past 7 seven years and developed a unique modular program for employers and employees known as Stress Injury Prevention Training™ (SIPT™). John spent 24 years in the British Army, specialising in bomb disposal, counter-terrorist search and weapons intelligence. He frequently found himself training for and operating in high threat, high pressure environments. This experience informs much of the work he does today.

A typical StreetGym® session is based upon John's experience of training on military Assault Courses and Combat Engineering. It's about improvisation and making best use of what you have around you, something that is part and parcel of deploying on military operations around the globe.
StreetGym® is not just a workout, it's an urban adventure. StreetGym® is a form of urban trim trail where the obstacles or workstations consist of street furniture, architectural features and gradients

John also produces the Left of Burnout podcast on iTunes which is aimed at providing listeners with knowledge and education in order to prevent stress related ill-health.
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John Allison
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86-90 Paul Street, London, UK