People at Work Summit – HCD 2020, Day 4

In direct response to the myriad health-related challenges that employers and employees face in dealing with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange and the People Energy Partnership have launched the People at Work Summit: Designing a resilient, healthy and energised workforce, fully integrated into the 4th Healthy City Design Congress on the final day, Thursday 3 DecemberBook your virtual pass now.


undefined - undefinedIn just a few months, COVID-19 has changed the world of work beyond recognition. In the case of greater home-working, there are arguably potential benefits for workers, businesses and for planetary health, but in other settings, the costs may outweigh the benefits. And what are the unforeseen consequences for people, including both the workers themselves and their families of this change in the way we work. Beyond the threat to our physical health, what is the impact on our emotional health and mental wellbeing?


Five Foundations: Fuel, Motion, Restoration, Resilience, Community

The programme for the People at Work Summit will be structured around the Five Foundations of Fuel, Motion, Restoration and Resilience, under the umbrella of Community. As the fifth foundation, Community will thread through each of the four sessions. How do we continue to build human community, kindness and gratitude in diverse workplace settings? What does a ‘sense of community’ mean in a virtual world? At home, in the office, in a hospital, school or retail outlet, can we connect community through outside space and access to nature, so we can build and maintain trust with our neighbours or work colleagues while still physically distancing. 


Sessions will comprise a relaxed style of interviews, conversations, live demos and short presentations. They will be hosted by Kate Cook, director and founder of The Nutrition Coach; and Jon Bockelmann-Evans, director and founder of JBE Health. Both are co-founders of the People Energy Partnership.


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Speakers include Clive Johnson, group head of health and safety, Derwent, and current president of the IIRSM (International Institute of Risk and Safety Management); Sam Wowk, senior health and wellness advisor, Time Warner; Jenny Irvine, Pure Package; Hamira Riaz, vice-president, strategic leadership, Volvo Group Trucks Technology; Niki Mullin, Dukece; and many more esteemed experts in the field of health and wellness at work.


View the full Preliminary Programme here, with the People at Work Summit on page 14.


Day 4, HCD 2020 workshops and closing keynote panel


Delegates attending the People at Work Summit will also gain access to the final stream of the Healthy City Design 2020 International Congress. This incorporates the following three workshops around the theme of ‘Healthy ecosystems – when work comes home’, in addition to a closing keynote panel to conclude the full congress.


Our new reality: envisioning a healthy ecosystem of work
Chair: Muriel Altunaga, CBRE, UK
Panel: Yvonne Pinniger, Heta Architects, UK; Namrata Krishna, Design and behaviour change strategist, UK


100 WorkHomes: integrated healthy neighbourhoods built on micro businesses
Chair: Cany Ash, Ash Sakula Architects, UK
Panel: Maria-Magdalena Atanasova, Lydia Stott, Ash Sakula Architects, UK; Dr Frances Holliss, London Metropolitan University, UK


Mapping flexibility – a re-invented working culture
Chair: Rime Cherai, re(s) public collective, Morocco
Panel: Nuria Benítez Gomez, Jonathan Gayomali, Kiproula Bartzoka, re(s) public collective, Morocco


Closing keynote panel – the future healthy city
Chair: Jeremy Myerson, Royal College of Art, UK
Carolyn Daher, Barcelona Institute for Global Health, Spain
Giselle Sebag, Bloomberg Associates, USA
Sunand Prasad, Green Building Council; Penoyre & Prasad, UK
Audrey de Nazelle, Imperial College London, UK
Clare Wildfire, Mott MacDonald, UK


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