Conference fees
On-demand tickets are available to purchase for the 7th Healthy City Design 2023 International Congress, to purchase please follow these steps:

Step 1: Complete the form below entering the delegate details and buyer’s details (a maximum of 5 delegates can be processed in a single online order).
Step 2: Select the on-demand ticket
Step 3: Complete your registration by either paying by credit card or by bank transfer by requesting an invoice.

On-demand tickets are priced at £75+VAT and give you access to more than 150 talks, workshops and Video+Posters, as well as let you visit the sponsors and partner virtual booths.

Group discounts:
Group discounts are available for all categories at the following rates: Discounts for 3 (10%); 5 (15%) or 10 (25%)
To apply please contact
Please note: A discount code may only be used once by the same user. All ticket prices are exclusive of VAT.
Delegate Data

Please provide delegate data here, please ensure to use the delegate’s email addresses so that they can gain access to the virtual event platform. You can provide the buyer and invoice info and email address in the next section. You can register up to five delegates in one order.

Buyer and invoice info

Please provide buyer and invoice information and address

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